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RFM Newsletter
Date : September 2nd, 2004

1. Editor Notes
2. Free E-Book (worth $97)
3. Optinstorm - Free Leads
4. TS25
5. Next Issue

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

hope you all had terrific holidays! Sorry for the delay in writing this edition but I was on holidays during the month of August without my laptop.

Have fun with this month's edition...Check out the free ebook worth $97!!

2. Free Ebook!

Last week I received this email from Mike Filsaime, read it here:

Hi Chris,

I am giving away the $97 Joe Kumar
"30 Days to Internet Marketing Success"
for .... FR.3.E

Yes, no cost.. no strings. To you
and all of your friends.

Yes, I am still upset about what happened
last year how me defrauded me at many
others out of $497.

So in my anger one night, just 3 days ago..
. I I came up with site in my head, while
I was in bed and could not sleep.

This is just too cool and I just knew
you and the rest my members would love it.

I am mad and that is why I am giving away
Joe Kumar's
30 Days book at their site for instant

That is good for you!


Yeesh, I have to admit, this site is so
funny. I put it together and it makes me
laugh still :-)
I am not Sure how long the site will be up,
(you know how people scream about this stuff)
... so I would go there now to get the book.
(hee hee)

Even if you have it, you got to see the
Top-Ten I put up there.

This site is so funny and so cool!


Have a great day,


Let me know what you think of the site
by signing the guestbook (please please)

3. Optinstorm.

Which one of these are you?

(1) You have an opt~in email list but it's about as small as a peanut, and generating large amounts of quality subscribers seems damn near impossible. In a word, you're frustrated.

(2) You're blessed with a large (or possibly HUGE), responsive opt~in list that sucks money into your pockets like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust off a bare floor. But, you're smart and you realize that your list could always be bigger and more profitable.

The truth is, whether you're a 1 or a 2, I highly recommend you check out this powerful new site:


As you read every word of the web page you will become amazed at how easy it will be for you to generate all the hot-hungry subscribers you need, all while generating hands-free commissions on autopilot.

...If you're a savvy business person, you'll rush here now:


You'll be glad you did!

4. TS25.

I usually don’t promote traffic exchanges but this you must see! If you have not heard about Traffic Syndicate 25, trust me you are missing out. This could be the most important hit exchange to ever be launched.

Big claims, let me explain. This program has accomplished in only a few days what other programs work so hard to do, keep their surfers active.

The single greatest thing about this hit exchange is if you are not active, you don't receive any benefit. You can refer all you want, but if you don't click, you don't get traffic. Yes, this could be the best hit exchange to come online in quite sometime =) Well done TS25!

You want results? Well I’m getting 1 new subscriber per 80 hits!

5. Next Issue.

It will be a while before this next issue will be posted. It will be around the 2nd of October.

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