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RFM Newsletter
Date : July 11th, 2004

1. Editor Notes
2. 2 Ways I promote my site
3. Free Traffic Report
4. "Visualize" your site
5. Next Issue

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

after a week of illness I returned to my laptop to see a stack of work. I would like to welcome new subscribers as I'm seeing an increase in daily subscriptions!

Last weekend I started linking to other sites to get a better search engine ranking. More about that below. Go and see my resource directory to visit partner links or submit your own site...

2. 2 Ways I promote my site

#1: Reciprocal links
I read something a few years back, which I would like to narrate. I cannot recall the source though. The story goes like this.

A group of local fast-food restaurant owners were complaining about the lack of business. One of the restaurant owners had a bizarre idea. He approached three of his competitors and asked them to promote his restaurant and he did the same.

The fish & chip, pizza, and burger restaurants all began to promote each other. You'll never guess what happened. Everyone's business increased! Each business owner referred their customers to the other establishments and also received a handful of referrals in return.

The bottom line is that people trust friends when they refer something. You can apply this concept to your e-zine. You can trade links with similar sites. Visit my resource directory to see what I mean.

#2: Forums
Post questions, and answers to questions on forums. Follow the guidelines of each forum on leaving your web site link. Usually they allow you to leave a short resource box or signature with your link. Where to post:


The main reason I post on forums is for exposure and getting my website out there. Search engines will also find your links through these forums and message boards.

You will meet lots of interesting people on these forums and you will learn stuff on different topics. The forums above have lots of members, so your site will get new visitors

I usely spend hours and hours reading and posting messages on forums. I recommend you try it!

3. Free Traffic Report.

Yesterday I bought Instant PDF Generator and I created my first PDF! You can get it here: traffic.pdf

4. "Visualize" your site.

While surfing the web I came across a site that lets you visually see website links as seen by the Google Search Engine. Touchgraph GoogleBrowser. Pretty cool!

5. Next Issue.

It will be a while before this next issue will be posted. It will be around the 1st of September.

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