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RFM Newsletter
Date : July 13th, 2005

1. Editor Notes
2. Results - Optinstorm
3. Review - Private-Label-Resell-Rights.com (owned by Dima Sorokine).
4. Freebie - Rendersoft Camstudio 2.0
5. Next Edition

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

first of all I would like to welcome all new subscribers to my newsletter. My subscription rate is increasing due to constant testing and tweaking. In the coming months you will all be in for a treat as I will be giving away PDF reports with full rebrand and giveaway rights..for FREE of course. I'm very busy packaging the raw content into PDF documents at the moment. More about that in the next few months!
In this edition I will focus on one of my list builders, subscriptions boosters,..I'm using. I have used 2 of these tools in the past, Ezinefire and Optinstorm. I will show you the results I'm having with Optinstorm...
Happy reading...

2. Results - Optinstorm

I joined Optinstorm a few months ago, put in my newsletter description and added a piece of code to the main page of my site. This generated an exit popup on my website showing other people's ads earning me credits and in return getting my ad shown on other people's websites. I also promoted Optinstorm to my newsletter subscribers in September of 2004 (see archive for more info) getting me only 9 referrals as you can see on the Optinstorm screenshot:

optinstorm screenshot

I used Optinstorm for about 3 months and got 89 subscribers from it! So it was generating about 1 subscriber a day, not bad for doing nothing! I stopped using it because I wanted to test another similar service called Optinboom and I also have lots of credits left in Optinstorm. I'll start using it again when I reach zero. My 9 referrals only earned me 141 credits (not worth talking about!) so it's not necessary to have referrals if you want to see results.

Want to try out this great FREE tool? Check it out here:


3. Review - Private-Label-Resell-Rights.com
Yesterday I came across a great website owned by Dima Sorokine in a newsletter I'm a subscriber of. He was offering 8 instant products with a professionally written sales-letter, customizable graphics, product in PDF or Word format,... All the hard work was done. The products he was offering were amazing and already have proven markets! ...So I signed up and bought them (I couldn't resist!). And in about a half an hour I put up my own customized mini-site. Check it out <here>.
I'm promoting it already with PPC search engines and can't wait to put up the other 7 products!! All the products have private resell rights. All you have to do is stick your name on them and set a price for each product.

Get your hands on these products :

* 'Buy Anything Wholesale' package
* 'Instant eCover templates' package
* 'Man's Guide To Success With Women' package
* 'Internet Marketer's Guide To Free Traffic' package
* 'Complete No BS, No Fluff Guide To Making A Fortune On eBay' package
* 'Quick And Easy Residual Income Streams' package
* 'eBay Info Profits' package
* 'Making Money Online Made Easy' package

What is so GREAT about this package and why I couldn't resist buying...

* You can CHANGE the products in any way you like
* You can CHANGE the sales letter in any way you like
* You can CHANGE the graphics in any way you like

This is what makes Dima's package better than other sites offering 'ready made' instant niche products. I give it 5/5 rating.


4. Freebie - Rendersoft Camstudio 2.0

Record audio and video from your screen! Camstudio 2.0 records your screen in avi and lets you convert it to swf. Making video tutorials has never been easier and is totally free! Stop paying big bucks for this type of tool.
Download it here and have fun playing with it!

5. Next Issue.

Next issue will be posted online in August when I get back from my holiday's to Spain! Everybody have a great summer holiday's!

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See you soon,

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