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RFM Newsletter
Date : January 10th, 2005

1. Editor Notes
2. Did You Miss Out On InstantBuzz?
3. EzineFire - Review
4. PushButtonHealth
5. Next Edition

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

welcome to this year's first edition. Have you made your new year resolution yet about your internet business. Either you are starting out or you are improving business, the internet is still one of the best places to make money in 2005!!
Enjoy this month's edition...

2. Did You Miss Out On InstantBuzz?

Did you miss joining instantbuzz during their '4 days open to the public'? Well now is your chance to get in with an invitation from me! I've got a few invitations left.
I will give you a BRIBE for joining : 100 instantbuzz credits (earned after surfing 1000 pages!).
Email me for an invitation, webmaster @ reach-for-money.com with instantbuzz in the subjectline.

3. EzineFire - Review

EzineFire is a FREE service that helps you boost your subscription rates. There are lots of services (optinstorm, listinferno,...) providing this already but EzineFire has loads of extra's!!
EzineFire creates a popup with 2 ezines that flies in over your webpage. This popup works through one line of HTML script that you have to place in your sites code.
Because this popup shows 2 ezines your ezine will also be promoted on other sites increasing exposure of your site!

Extra's :

Ezine Filter And Format : Place your article into a box and this feature will format it for you.

Ecover Generator : Pick out graphics and make your own cover for your ezine. This is a great feature!

Spam Filter Checker : Get more messages through = make more sales!

1 Free Pro Autoresponder : preloaded with a 7-part mini-course.

Free 7 day mini course : 'How ezines can make your rich!' written by a professional copywriter. Plug 'n' promote!

Rating : 10/10!

4. PushButtonHealth

If you haven't already joined PBH, I'm tellin' ya, you're really missing out!
Bryan Winters (PBH founder) just added two new *private lable* product packages to the PBH members area yesterday:

"Conquering Attention Deficit Disorder"


"Ultimate Acne Relief!"

Bryan personally paid $500 out of pocket PER package - that's a total of $1,000 in fresh new content for YOUR benefit!

Remember, these are *private label* products meaning you can modify and edit them freely, insert your own affiliate links, retitle them, sign YOUR name as the author, and more! (Further details below.)

...In addition to the two new products above, there are currently EIGHT other top quality private label packages worth $4,000 (in ACTUAL price paid by Bryan!).

Still not convinced? Keep reading to see why hundreds of other savvy marketers have *already* joined PBH -->

"The TOP 10 Reasons to Join PBH Today!"

Reason 1. Each month, you're provided with TWO freshly written "private label" information product packages with resale rights. The "private label" part is what makes these products special...
You see, YOU are allowed to handle these products almost as if you'd written them yourself! You can sign YOUR name to them. Retitle them. ADD to them. MODIFY them. Insert profitable affiliate links. Extract content to create newsletter articles, or set up a content based web-site. And more! There is NOBODY that you have to credit - no "resource box" or anything at all that you need to include. It's all about YOU.

2. Each product package focuses on a proven, profitable health and fitness niche. Never has there been a easier way to grab your share of the MULTI BILLION dollar health and fitness market than as a member of PushButtonHealth.com!

3. Bryan literally and actually spends $1,000 per month to provide these products to members. The sales page even shows the actual invoice that Bryan paid his freelance writing team to write the first "batch" of products:


(...By the way, you can sell or distribute these products almost ANYWHERE! Through your own newsletter, through eBay.com, through your own web-site...You could create an audio version of each product, a CD-ROM version, a hard copy version to sell off line or through the classifieds...The possibilities are endless!)

Reason 4. Bryan spends an *additional* $300 per month out of pocket to have a professional copywriter create accompanying sales letters for each product. You can use these sales letters in a variety of ways, including to set up your own direct-response style web-sites to sell each new product through!

Reason 5. Bryan provides ongoing training to all members. This training starts out by showing you how to create your own highly profitable newsletter without even writing your own articles, and will go on to cover how to set up your own web-site, create your very own exclusive products in *minutes* using the private label packages, and much more!

Reason 6. The training Bryan provides is PROVEN. He generates over $20,000.00 in pure profit from his *other* web-sites (this doesn't include any money generated from pushbuttonhealth.com). If you want to EARN like an expert, you need to LEARN *from* an expert like Bryan. There are many "fakers" out there trying to tell you what to do to succeed online, when they themselves are struggling!

Reason 7. Internet-information marketing is *incredibly* inexpensive to get involved in, yet can easily lead to a six figure annual income if you're willing to put some time and effort into building your business (remember, successful businesses aren't "born" - they are built!). Bryan was able to recently pay off his entire home mortage *as well as* pay for a brand new 2004 Corvette C5 convertible, thanks to his information marketing business. Why couldn't YOU do the same?

Reason 8. As a PushButtonHealth.com member, you have the chance to earn a very nice residual income simply by referring others. PBH pays you $17 per month for each and every member you refer - for as long as they remain a member!

Reason 9. You don't need any experience before you're "able" to join PushButtonhealth.com. You can join right now, dive into their easy-to-follow training modules, and get started on your online business today!

Reason 10. Just for *visiting* the site, you can discover Bryan's simple 5 step formula for making six figures per year online, from the comfort of home - it's all right here in his letter:


So what are you waiting for? See why hundreds of others have already RUSHED over to join by clicking on the link above - you'll be glad you did!

P.S. Don't forget about Bryan's money back guaran~tee! You have a full 30 days to check things out, and if you're not fully satisfied - simply contact Bryan and he'll promptly send you a refund. You have NOTHING to risk!

5. Next Edition

Next issue will be posted on February 10th.

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