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RFM Newsletter
Date : December 9th, 2004

1. Editor Notes
2. Free Advertising Forum
3. NEW! Google Suggestion Tool
4. Next Issue

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

welcome to the December editon of my ezine. First of all I would like to welcome all new subscribers. I've noticed an increase in subscriptions due to my 2 new 'doorway' or 'splash' pages and a brand new Aweber autoresponder. My old autoresponder was very limited and slow, not good enough for you guys!! I will be adding a fourth bonus to my mini course this month. Watch out for that..
Enjoy this month's edition...

2. Free Advertising Forum

About 4 months ago Micheal Rasmussen created a forum for FREE advertising. It's not like others forums where you can discuss different topics, it's just for posting ads.
The member count of this forum has grown to over 10000 !! It has an Alexa page ranking of 11000 (at time of writing this article). Big marketers are putting up their ads because of the link popularity benefits.

Check it out, here:

Signing up will give you the chance to put your ads in front of thousands of unique visitors! Post ads for your products, newsletters, programs...
Join for free:

3. NEW! Google Suggestion Tool

Finally! Google launched their long awaited keyword suggestion tool last week. It's absolutely fantastic!
Try it for yourself: http://labs.google.com/suggest/
Start typing a word and it gives your different options for a word or phrase in a pull-down menu. It also gives you the number of searches a certain keyword has.
Try experimenting with different keywords! This tool kept me busy for some hours last weekend. Have fun with it!

4. Next Issue.

Next issue will be posted online beginning 2005.

Tell a friend! Send them to --->http://www.reach-for-money.com


P.S.:I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a great New Year's celebration. See ya all next year!

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