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RFM Newsletter
Date : April 19th, 2005

1. Editor Notes
2. Review - The List Machine
3. Offer - $25 rebate
4. Freebie
5. Next Edition

1. Editor Notes.

Dear Friends,

welcome to the latest edition of my newsletter. It been a while! I've been very busy working on two new sites. More about that in the next few months...
I will also be adding some new content pages to my sites.
Happy reading...

2. Review - The List Machine

You might be tired of hearing that you need to build your own opt-in list,
but it's true.

The big money and profits come from responsive and qualified leads. Why rent lists or ad space when you can build your own list of leads to contact whenever you want?

Did you know that top marketers say that you can earn $1 per month for every lead you have on your opt-in list?

So if you have 10,000 subscribers, you can potentially earn $10,000 per month promoting your latest venture to your list.

Just imagine what an extra $10,000 a month could mean to you and your family.

The best part about this, is that it will cost you absolutely nothing to start building your list. Yes, that's right - it is 100% free, so you have nothing to lose!

Get started or learn more right here: http://www.thelistmachine.com

Finally, an easy way to build your own list of opt-in leads!

How it works :

The List Machine uses a "Dual-Matrix". It builds 2 lists for you. One in the matrix you entered and another list in the 'reverse matrix'. This can contribute to a very big list for you!

My personal results :

I have been using the list machine for over 3 weeks now and already have an opt in list of 60!! This without promoting my referral link!

Extra's :

When you join for FREE you also get access to $1000 worth of marketing products FREE!

3. Offer - $25 Rebate

Finally! I joined Empowerism. My sponsor is currently one of the top recruiters in Empowerism! I'm so confident in this program that I am offering to pay for you to join.

Would you like to join my growing team for FREE and start generating an income? Keep Reading!

You'll probably be surprised to hear that you can make lots of money without doing any recruiting at all! Of course, if you are interested in doing a little work and promoting Empowerism, you can open up another huge stream of residual income for yourself. With your Empowerism business, your income will grow every month.

I am sure of this and that is why I will also pay for your first month in the program! So there's no risk. If you aren't in profit after your first month, just cancel and pay nothing. I'm guessing once you join for free and I teach you how easy it is to grow your residual income with Empowerism, you'll want to stay.

Ready to get started?

There are two steps to get started with your free membership.

1. Sign up at my Empowerism website for the fast-track membership ($25).
2. Send me an email and tell me how you would like me to refund your $25. PayPal is preferred but we can work out other methods of payment.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.

4. Freebie.

Check out Mike Filsaime's Firesale Secrets. How he made $30000 in 4 days. Go ahead and listen to the transcript calls. It's all FREE!

5. Next Issue.

Next issue will be posted online very soon.

Tell a friend! Send them to --->http://www.reach-for-money.com

See you soon,

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